We're Hiring!

Name your Dream Job.

We are absolutely committed to helping shape a better workforce, today.  

NEONMEOW is an employee-owned company. When you work with us, you have more than a job; you become a business owner, entitled to share in the profits.

When we talk about transformative opportunities for conscious cat parents, we mean it. We go beyond the equal employment standard, and we hire inclusively. We provide meaningful employment and a living wage.

Do you know anyone with a barrier to employment that loves cats?

Barriers to employment may include any or all of the following:

  1. living in an economic development zone
  2. marginalized group
  3. disability
  4. veteran
  5. formerly incarcerated

 We advocate for second chances, and we are hiring.

Just head on over to our contact page, click the big blue contact button, and let's talk.