About Us

NEONMEOW was founded with a mission: to support conscious cat parents by providing healthy cat food, earth-friendly cat litter, and non-toxic cat toys. When you shop with us, you support that mission, too. 

We are always looking for cruelty-free, non-toxic, organic, non-gmo, products. Connect with us on social media @neonmeowmeow to let us know about any ethical cat goods that we should be carrying.

We believe that what you put in your cat matters as much as what you do with what comes out.  Your purchase enables us to do the best research, find the most ethical suppliers, and do everything we can to help cats live all their lives to the fullest.

Currently, the suppliers we have chosen are the best we could find.  With Halo®, The Proof is in the Poop®

If you find out something wrong with a product we are carrying, please let us know, immediately!